Crazy Love - Emma Keene

Crazy Love

By Emma Keene

  • Release Date: 2013-11-25
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4.5
From 3,846 Ratings


Amy has a fairy tale life planned out for herself. The only problem is life has an entirely different plan for her.

Amy, just shy of her eighteenth birthday, is about to graduate high school. She's ready to get out of small town Greenville and move to Salem with her boyfriend, Mitch who has a football scholarship. Amy plans to get a degree in education from State, just like her mom, and move back to Greenville to teach once she marries Mitch.

Dexter Baldwin, award-winning Hollywood director, is shooting a movie in Greenville that has the town all excited, including Amy's mom. Amy doesn't get all the hype, but by the time the movie wraps and Dexter leaves town it ends up changing her life forever.

  Dragging my feet as I walk, I leave my room and head downstairs to face the firing squad. I step into the kitchen and my parents stop mid sentence and look at me. It’s a weird feeling, almost like I’m a toy that is being inspected for faults. They are trying to decide if I pass and get to move on with my existence or I fail and get tossed to the bottom of a trash bin.
  Dad motions for me to take a seat across the table from him. My mom gets up and stands at the sink, looking out the window. I can already tell this isn’t going to be good. I hang my head and wait for it to begin.
  “Where were you?”
  I swallow and turn to my dad. He looks disappointed, but compared to the look on my mother’s face, he looks calm and collected. I shouldn’t be surprised, he’s always been the one who steadies the ship when the waves start.
  “I… I went to Mitch’s house.”
  My mom starts to cry. I instantly feel bad, even though I’m not sure why my sneaking out would cause her to be upset emotionally. I get that she’s mad, however, this is not the response I was expecting.
  Why would me going to Mitch’s house make her cry? It really makes no sense. My dad lets out a deep sigh and drums his fingers on the table.
  “What were you doing there?”
  I wrestle with telling them the truth. They are going to be pissed either way. Maybe I should just tell them about State. I take a deep breath and ready myself, emotionally, to deal with the slew of questions and judgment that is sure to follow.


  • Eh

    By Mancalaaa
    Really not anything special; caught many grammar and spelling errors, along with plot holes. Good idea just not conveyed in the right way
  • Crazy love

    By lobeh
    A little drug out in spots. Otherwise a good story. Don’t rally care for books with no ending trying to con U into buying more. Ok book but not that great.
  • Crazy Love

    By Tess the Crazy Love lover
    Couldn’t put it down! Thanks for a good read.
  • Crazy Love

    By nabbym
    If you can ignore all of the typos it’s an ok book. It ends very abruptly and forces you to have to purchase the next book in the series. Disappointing.
  • Crazy Love

    By Ivo1220
    Easy read! Interesting book! Story line was great but characters got lost throughout the book such as Mitch and Jess! Overall very good! Bad editing, missing words & grammar could have been better.
  • Crazy Love

    By lcNmb
    Great book. Read the entire thing, front to back in just two days...couldn't seem to put it down once I started reading it.
  • OK

    By Denibug
    The story was OK. Editing was terrible. Sorry
  • It was ok

    By Ashton's got talent
    I didn’t like it very much kinda boring but good background story
  • Do not waste your time

    By NovaMolly
    The book is free so you can’t waste your money, but you will waste your time reading this book. It is one of a long series so you should expect it to end in a cliff hanger, what you should not expect is a book where the characters are not developed and you have no desire to read about them. It is not possible for me to care less about these characters going forward. I would give it a negative one star rating if that were possible.
  • Review of an honest option

    By chaskins12
    The book was filled with action and surprises honestly. I loved it